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"In Brendan’s workshops and even more importantly, in his actions, he has been an inspiration to the Kent community.  His life embodies selflessness and dedication to community.  Those that he has touched will be forever changed.  I can hardly wait until the next time we meet!"

Tim Huth - Kent, OH - Yoga Teacher and Owner at One Love Yoga

"Brendan exudes a complex array of wonderful attributes. He is a giver and a true teacher in the sense that he can stir self contemplation in any level yoga student. One of Brendan's positive qualities includes confidently and wholeheartedly sharing his expertise, imparting a perspective that may shift a student's mindset - leading them to find a path of self actualization.  Brendan's teachings articulately represent his deep levels of study, self discovery with Sri Dharma Mittra as well as his own international travels and personal triumphs. 

Brendan, with his positive attitude and bright smile, is a great communicator as well as listener!   Anyone who takes his classes truly sense that Brendan is a completely dedicated caring yoga teacher, whose sincere presence and supportive manner brings his students to a positive and blissful state of mind. All this by the end of his class!  A student of  Brendan's may easily find his/her self on a new path to reach their goals, one that they may not have discovered on thier own.  Honestly, his teaching style works particularly well in our Spa Walden environment, for our clients emerge from Brendan's classes feeling supported, rejuventated  and stress free. He exudes trust, kindness and supportiveness with true wisdom beyond his years."

Barrie Rosencrans - Aurora, OH - Proprietor at Spa Walden

"Brendan's practice and teaching is grounded in ahimsa, non-violence, but I prefer to look at it as compassionately embodying what it means to be both loving and dedicated. Brendan invites students to practice devotion and discernment at all levels of the practice. I happily and joyfully find wisdom and ease from teaching, talking, and practicing with him. It is rare to find someone with such tapas (discipline) and also so much ease and joy."

Carly Sachs - Kent, Ohio - Yoga and Meditation Instructor at One Love Yoga Boutique


"In a word: devotion. Brendan Lentz is not only devoted to building upon his own bank of knowledge in his yoga practice, but is wholeheartedly dedicated to encouraging others to maintain and thrive in their own physically and spiritually.  Working with Brendan has built my confidence to move forward and challenge myself in ways I didn't think I was capable of in my practice." 

Erica Vichnes - New York, NY - Former Personal Trainer at Equinox

"Brendan Lentz does more than teach yoga, he embodies it. His very essence is the lesson. I find his balanced, playful, in-the-moment approach refreshing and inspiring and encourage you to practice with Brendan if you get the chance." 

Vicki Howe - Sedona, AZ - Life Coach/Yoga Teacher